Myles Cranford plays Mr. Johnson, a stern and hardworking man that “oozes respect.” He’s a blue-collar type, who never had the opportunity to attend college. He has worked almost his entire life and expects his son Isaiah to not only attend college but finish.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, familiar with the mean streets and the sweet resort retreats of Southern California, Myles considers his hard knocks and process of overcoming integral to his authentic portrayal of a broad range of characters. Although his inner voice spoke "acting" at the age of 7, he soon after decided that he would become a physician. He pursued that goal for 15 years. During his undergraduate studies (a pre-med/liberal arts curriculum, with a minor in Philosophy and Religion) his elective course work was acting, directing, and film. After obtaining his B.S. degree, and not getting accepted into medical school, he excelled in a variety of career positions including teacher, health food store manager, chauffeur, firefighter, financial services manager, advertising executive, transportation manager, soap maker, ranch manager, and he is also a Certified Hotel Administrator. However, through it all he HAD TO continue to act. He was a member of the Watts Repertory Company for several years, but found that his love for filmmaking and acting in films trumped other aspects of his acting endeavors About three years ago, he got his "wake-up call," and is now a full time working actor.