Michael Iinuma
Associate Producer/Assistant Director
Michael Takashi Iinuma is a graduate of UCLA. As a student there, he directed and wrote several large student-run theatre productions.

Having worked on the FOX Studios lot for over a year, Michael gained valuable knowledge about the pre-production process of multi-million dollar films—a skill that he brought to the set of "Against the Grain."  Currently, he’s producing and AD’ing several projects.

Michael believes that filmmaking is a privilege. There are plenty of people that WANT to do it but his reasons for pursing a filmmaking career is because he wants to change someone's life, or perspective on it.  He wants to recreate a moment and watch how someone can seize control of his or her reality, given unfavorable circumstances. He’d like his audience to watch a film he’s worked on and, if not purely for entertainment, learn something that they would not otherwise by reading a book, or by watching interviews or documentaries. Otherwise, watching a film is a past time; and, there are plenty of talented people already out there making films that entertain.