Mayon Denton
Executive Producer
As a student at UCLA Mayon started his own Production Company, DRG Films. He has produced music videos, commercials, documentaries and feature films. Over the last five years, Mayon has written, directed and produced numerous projects. These projects have allowed him to gain knowledge and grow into the passionate filmmaker that that he always envisioned himself to be.  One of Mayon’s noteworthy project to date is a feature length documentary entitled “A Love Supreme,” a story that focuses on the evolution of Los Angeles’ Hip Hop Culture.  The project featured one of L.A.’s most recently successful hip hop groups, “U-N-I.”  It was screened at the MGM Towers in Los Angeles, inside of the International Creative Management Theater (ICM).  “A Love Supreme” received distribution and was sold in Target and Best Buy.  
Mayon is currently producing a pilot entitled “How to Succeed at Birth” as well as a short film called “Lil Tokyo Reporter.”  The latter is a 1935 period piece about a Japanese American activist.  He’s also attached to produce two feature films, “Spin” and  “Wait a Minute Mr. Postman”.

“Film making is my passion, my love, and my life.  Every aspect of filmmaking fascinates me. The initial idea, which leads to the creative process, the business aspect (the investment/money making side), the way in which a few words can metamorphosize into a screenplay, and finally… The completion of something great, that STORY which can be watched, felt, and embedded into the hearts and minds of its viewers.  The storytelling process is truly amazing!”